Swaying deck cards make about goods dumped

Solitaire has always been a problem that plagues merchant ship, because the captain came up with a unique method ─Using play cards to memory knowledge all of the goods received in the high mast ─ no one can approach them easily. Although this another way to effectively protect the goods, but when the ship encountered stormy sea.

The swaying deck make about goods dumped,Shock card stack training skill seasoned solitaire sailors, must be within the blink of an eye, to catch these constantly falling ship goods … shaking, stand high and blue drawing board game box lined with vividly create a stormy sea surface situations, there will be a sense of falling into the sea when the goods into the fall.

Balanced than many other board games in the topic context is far behind them, but also pay attention to whether the goods when placing goods will fall,summer vacation poker card learning set to be agile way to catch them, the words do not be understated sense of tension completely subvert the existing balance of the card game concept.

Predecessors trees, descendants cool, I believe we have all heard the saying, but we’ll plant a tree today is no ordinary,Card games learning mathematics extracurricular this is a tree trunk will not know where the trees grow solitaire Oh! Players take turns put a plug in the branches or a leaf on the tree shook hole cards, as delicate balance.

Although inclined trunk looks shaky, but still not whole fall, this time to find out which hole can be safely put into branches,Fun card entertainment checkpoints it can be said to be tense and exciting. Meticulously designed leaves and trunk, so this board game arrayed not even play, especially the feeling of playing cards!


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