Teacher’s Day greeting card

Teacher’s Day diver greeting card production methods:

1. Prepare a pale yellow square jams

2. Fold then fold

3. Cut out heart-shaped as shown in effect, pay attention to the heart of the two sides do not all cut above

4. Expand the results shown in Figure Greeting cards DIY activities:

5. Prepare another square jams

6. Fold

7. caught in just cut my heart

8. Align Producing craft cards materials and method

9. shining scissors, cut out heart-shaped

10. retake a paper jam

11. folded clip in heart shape

12. Figure Greeting card wake a sense of purpose:

13. trim, above note did not cut half heart

14. In light yellow peach heart painting grid, according to the size of the heart design column width, the column width tutorial 3mm, an interval of 2mm, you can own design based on the size of the heart-shaped width

15. As shown effects:

16. The heart goes no hair cut in the middle, that is, step 13 heart-shaped cut

17. fixed, then press cut the long drawn diagram

18. A good cut will stand up to fold up

19. pale yellow hearts take away

20. Open, the effect is shown Call for New Year greeting cards:

21. a long interval, a long standing

22. From the bottom up effect:

23. Another Heart clip at the top, with its overlapped, Step 9, cut out heart-shaped

24. The cut edge of the excess paper

25. The two heart stick together

26. The first stick side, and then stick the other side, so some of the good stick

27. The cut paper hearts beyond

28. Open the results shown in Figure:

29. cut a small square Parents with children to spend some happy hours making cards together

30. As shown position, clung to it

31. Some small decorative scissors, attached to the top

32. The three-dimensional heart-shaped greeting card on the production is complete

33. Write the words of blessing in a small box, you can give teacher a ~