Play as followsUpgrading:
One of whom Makers
Before the cards, each Player to bet on the Braggingbanker.
Each person is eligible to send a card.
Player open card, the dealer turns to ask whether each Player “to”Big SpenderAdd cards.
A, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 were one to ten points. J, Q, K is the slightest.
Player can add cards all the way, but if more than half past ten, that is, “bust” (Busted), lost to the dealer.
If the Player
Big strange waysis a 10 plus a J, Q or K to half past ten,Zhuang Jiali lose.
Ruoguo Player A total of five cards and have not “bust”, known as “Wulong” Zhuang Jiali lose.
Banker and Player are 10:30 Player sum
FinallyNiu Niu, the dealer card to send to yourself. With different dealer when no preset subject to licensing, when to stop.
If the dealer bust, only to lose yet burst Player.
If the dealer does not bust, compared with Player Points. If the moving servicesame number of points, Zhuang Jiasheng, said “Fresh nip roll.”
The dealer does not “Wulong.”