Game rules

A deck of cards (ie, 54), four people attended the three free home and making joint confrontation, the two sides compete for points (5, 10, K).

Basic play


A deck of cards, leaving six cards, issued to four other dealer cards can get replacement cards in the hand.

Licensing, the first game made by the first game player, after each game made by the Bureau of the dealer. After licensing, if if the four do not call, the system automatically re-licensing under the dealer still on the first call.


According to the order of the cards in turn began to bid, each person can only be called once, called optional 60, 65, 70, 75, 80 the bigger wins to become the dealer. After the bid value of the dealer’s own becoming, enriching scores (refers to the collection 5, 10, K aliquot card scores obtained, K is equal to 10 minutes), so busy at home if you want to win, you need to grab points 45, 40, 35 , 30, 25 minutes and so on.

The first game, the players have bid the catch block 3 of the first call, then press the cards order of rotation bid!

After each round by the dealer on the first call.

When bidding, the first, second, do not call. From 65 onwards called third, fourth from 70 onwards called.

Makers call is divided into 60, 65, took up the bottom six are required to Player Ming-liang, the call is divided into 70, 75, 80, does not shine tomorrow (Obviously, the dealer again placed under any of the six cards circumstances Ming-liang, of course, the dealer at any time can view your buried under six cards in the end.).

Master card

After the dealer in the end at repositioning six cards, you need to choose one main color cards. Other color cards for the cards, often 2 Lord on two larger than 2.

The cards

The way the cards – only a single, without any other card type (not even a pair or sheets, nor thrown cards).

Size cards rule – king size, 2 main sub 2, the main card, with color cards, other color cards.

The order of the cards: the first card from the dealer, the largest brand after four people who, under the first lap out.


A closed circle, 5, 10, K brand is a scoreboard. As busy square cards can score big, making the score will not count.



1, if the dealer called divided into 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, according to the winning or losing end points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 points calculated separately.

2, Player did not pull the cards, divided into several situations:

A, scores and dealer Player get called and greater than or equal 105 points, the Player wins. Makers subtract 3 times the end points, Player have 1 times the end points.

B, Player grasping points to achieve the required points 2 times or more, the Player wins. Makers buckle end points six times, each had two times Player of end points. (For example, the dealer called 60 points, while Player caught points reached 90 points, or 2 times the 105-60 = 45.)

C, free home without a point, the dealer wins. Makers get 9 times the end points, Player three times each buckle end points.

D, ordinary circumstances, has been busy at home, but not enough to score points, the dealer wins. Makers get 3 times the end points, Player 1 times each buckle end points.

3, pull the bottom of the Player if successful, the Player wins. Pull the bottom do not count to score the Player Score which, as long as the end to pull the win, divided into the following situations:

A, Player scores enough, the Player were given twice at the end points, the dealer button six times at the end points.

B, free home enough points, you get free home were three times the end points, the dealer button nine times at the end points.

C, Player grasping points to achieve the required points 2 times or more, the Player were given four times at the end points, the dealer button 12 times at the end points.